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The dance form we call "bellydance" is derived from traditional women's (and men's) dances of the Middle East and North Africa. While the bellydance is not intended to entertain men as commonly believed, its feminine movements make for a beautiful and fun dance style that is enjoyable for everyone. Focusing on muscle control, balance and strength, the bellydance can be a fun way to exercise while building self-confidence through self-expression in an art form that embraces all body types!

We are proud to welcome Instructor Helena Smart to the Body Lab. A certified Personal Trainer with a BA in Physical Education, Helena has 15 years teaching experience in fitness and dance.

Her dance studies began with the late Marie Pompeii Monforte of the Southern Tier Academy of Dance and Acrobatics. Helena then pursued her studies in fitness and aerobics and later, began Egyptian Dance studies with Diana Shahein of the Beledi Dance Theatre Co. and studied American Tribal Style Bellydance with LeeLu of the Shazam World Bellydance Group in Syracuse, NY.

Helena teaches this dance as a dance for women by women that allows the freedom of self-expression and sensuality without being “sinful”. Believing that a good teacher never stops being a student, Helena continues her education in this dance genre through workshops, private lessons and exchanging information with her peers and ┬áis the choreographer and artistic director of Egyptian Velvet, her student dance troupe. Helena's recent endeavor includes joining with a newly formed dance company, Fantasy Arabesque, with the most professional and the most experienced dancers in the North East region, which includes Diana Shahein of Scranton, PA and Haifa/Michelle Repsher, of Tunkhannock, PA.

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Helena Smart

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