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Yoga: General Info

What is Yoga?  Do I have to be flexible or coordinated??  What’s the buzz?  Why is it so good?

Yoga is an ancient system of working with the body, mind, and breath to achieve balance in the practitioner.  There are many types of yoga that have developed from one main system called “RAJA YOGA” or the 8-limbed path.

ALL ages and flexibility levels can do yoga!!!  Yoga will bring strength, flexibility, and BALANCE to the body regardless of where you are starting.


Yoga is wonderful in so many ways!  Yoga works towards creating health in your back and spine because it:

  • Stabilizes and develops core musculature
  • Stretches tight muscles around the hips, hamstrings, psoas, and quadriceps that contribute to low back pain
  • Creates flexibility in the shoulders and neck where many people carry stress
  • Wakes up the nerves that stabilize the spine and helps to develop    coordination of spinal movement
  • Addresses imbalances of the muscles that cause back pain
  • Releases tension and helps you to deal with stress better so that you don’t carry tension in your neck and shoulders!
  • Helps to build bone mass
  • Aligns the body by working in ways different from our normal patterns
  • Supports the proper posture
  • Extension of the spine helps to create space in between the vertebrae and rejuvenates the cushion discs that absorb the shock from our everyday activities
  • Reverses gravity
  • Breath work develops awareness

What are you waiting for?!!  Reclaim the comfort in your body that you deserve!!

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Please bring a completed waiver and health history to your first class!

Snow Day Policy: We will follow Vestal and UE school closings in the case of snow. We will post on FB any Pilates/yoga cancellations.

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